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How to make your own false teeth

Learn how to make yourself a standard high quality set of dentures. I show you step by step how this is done on the cheap. For all the tools and supplies to make up to 5 sets of dentures it will cost you around $250 give or take some depending on your purchase choices.

As with all things of this nature, there is a learning curve. Given your talents and how much you apply yourself, you could realize your first set of dentures in three weeks or three months.

My course has sold all over the western world. It is a comprehensive video instructional course designed to help you learn how to make yourself a set of dentures. I have included links showing you how to make a one tooth flipper and partial plates without any metal parts as well. My DIY denture making course is "Instant Access" online, so it can be utilized from anywhere in the world with no shipping issues.

Threre are links below where you can purchase most of the tools and supplies you will need. I can not promise, warrant or guarantee in any way shape or form that anyone purchasing this course will be able to successfully make themselves a functional set of dentures. I don't know you, your talents or how much you will apply yourself to the course. However, many people who have purchased my course have successfully made themselves dentures.

Online DIY Denture Making Course



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